TV - Interview with Sylvia Ernst in "Leichter Leben":

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How long do SETRINO petticoatshop exist ?

since 2002

Which best describe your role in the industry ?

Designer, manufacturer and vendor of petticoats and pin up fashion

What genres of pinup are you most interested in ?

Burlesque, Boudoir, Cheesecake, Classic Hollywood, Lingerie, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, vintage pinup tiki and Fifties classic Vintage fashion

Describe -petticoat shop style- !

elegantly fresh cute petticoat style

Which fabric do you work ?

          two petticoat qualities

          - stiff scrashy Organdy made with Nylon, 100% Polyamid to make full petticoats

          - soft Chiffon, what is lovely and smoothly

         Dresses are made with Cotton, Polyester and other washable fabrics

Tell us about the petticoatshop team !

We design exclusive hand created petticoats with stiff crashy Organdy or super Soft Chiffon and all lengthes, the ultimate in female decadence.

We are a vendor of our designed and produced styles, sell to all how likes this fashion and to retailer, boutiques, stores.

Available at official Website link:

Store located in 12203 Berlin, Germany, Manteuffelstrasse 16